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We are excited to be bringing the fun and excitement of riding pit bikes to Colorado with and all new pit bike only race series. 

We have a wide range of classes to allow for riders of all age, skill level and bikes options to race and compete. 

Check back over the next few weeks with more info on the upcoming race schedule and class structure. 

Popular Bikes For This Series

CRF 50, TTR 50, YCF 50, PW50, CRF70, YCF88, CRF100, CRF110, TTR 110, KLX 110, KLXL 110, YCF 125 

PIRANA 140 YCF 150, PIRANHA 140, YCF 150, PIRANHA 190, PITSTER PRO 190, YCF 190, STACYS, THUMPSTER, PITSTER XJ-E,  MXR 90, XJR 110, FSE 110R, FJR 125, MXR 140, MSR 155, KLX 140


1. No one except the riders officially entered may ride or practice on the course during the event.
2. It is the duty and responsibility of the rider to determine the class in which he/she belongs. 
Officials may add/remove riders if rider is clear to be in the wrong class.
4. All classes are modified classes unless otherwise noted. 
5. Officials are not responsible for locating riders before their event. 
6. A rider must be on the starting line & complete one lap under their own power in the main to be scored for the event. They must cross the finish line.
7. If a rider leaves the course for any reason they must re-enter the track at the safest possible point nearest their point of exit. But not at a point where they improve their position or to avoid being passed /to save position. Race officials will determine cutting the course, going around a jump or obstacle. Penalty is 5 finishing spots. This infraction will be judged on a case by case basis.
8. If a moto must be stopped because of a rider or riders obstructing the progress and safety of the Moto that rider or riders will not be allowed to restart the Moto unless allowed by the race official. 
9. If the event of a rider jumping the starting device and deemed gaining an advantage, before the starting gate is release, either by running through the gate or going over top the gate, the rider shall be penalized. The riders front tire must be no further than 12" back from the gate. 
10. There will be no restarts unless in the opinion of the race official that continuing the race will endanger the riders
11. A malfunction of the starting gate will be the race official decision.
12. If for any reason the race must be stopped it will be considered complete if the leading rider has completed of 50% of the laps. Example: 3 laps completed in a 5 lap race. 
13. Lapped riders must mover over of be black flagged.
14. Age Group Classes: Age is determined as of Jan 1, 2023
15. Any verbal harassment or abuse of officials and series staff will be grounds for permanent disqualifications 
16. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on the track, starting gate or staging area. Riders should not use any of the above mentioned substances before or during an event as long as they remain in competition. Any rider that is impaired will not be allowed to compete.
17. A rider is responsible for the actions of their pit crew. Infractions by riders pit crew or associated spectators will be grounds for penalties against that rider. 
18. CPB Memberships are required to compete. $30 fee. 
19. No checks accepted. No Exceptions. 
20.All classes are run each event and scored separately. Plaques/awards are given at each event. 
21. KTM, Husky, Cobra 50 bikes allowed only in the 50cc 4-6 and 50cc 7-8 class and 50cc 2-stroke open 4-8 yrs 
22. All bikes must have large legible number plates with am in of 4" numbers on both sides and front in order to be scored. 
23. Protest of age or rider ability must have proof from local tracks score sheet or print outs. 
24. Flagging is done in sections. No doubling or passing in yellow sections. White Flag signifies last lap. Checkered flag signifies the finish of the race. Red flag stops are and race is started over. Blue flag is for lapped riders to mover over out of the way. Red Cross flags signify medical staff on the track and a downed rider. Wheels must not leave ground and riders can not race until after passing downed rider area. Failure to abide by flag will result in 3 position docking. 
25. You can not ride a different bike in your heat and main without prior approval from the race director/official. (Changing of bikes can only be due to catastrophic failure to the bike).
26. Gate pick is determined by random computer draw for heats. Your heat finish will determine your main gate pick. 
27. All riders must wear helmet, goggles. Boots are recommended. 
28. Track officials reserve the right to make all final decisions. 
29. It takes at least 3 bikes to make a class.
30. Competition apparel: 1. It is the sole responsibility of the rider to select a helmet and apparel which will provide appropriate protection. The rider must rely on his own judgment in the selection of any helmet and apparel for durability and safety. 2. A rider must wear a helmet at all times. Helmets must be full face  or full coverage type. All riders must utilize shatterproof face shield or shatterproof goggles. The helmet must conform to one of the following recognized standards and have a label affixed certifying its approval. SNELL M2005 or DOT FMVSS 218. 4. Boots must be worn in competitions. 
31. Not everyone makes it to the main. The number of gates on the line determines how many will ride in the main

1. Safety first - The flags and flagmen are for safety. Pay attention.
2. Yellow flag - caution! Problem ahead on the track. 
3. Red Cross Flag = Rider Injured. Caution!. NO Jumping, passing. Wheels on the ground.
4. Riders must be signed up before they get on the track.
5. Riders involved in fighting will be disqualified. 
6. Practicing with the wrong class will get you disqualified. 
7. NO WRECKLESS pit riding. 
8. Beginner classes are for beginners. No sand bagging. We will advance riders throughout the event if needed. 
9. Once practice has completed - No Refunds
10. Check your results - Protest period is 30 mins after posted time of results. There will be no changes made to race results after the 30 min time frame. Its the riders responsibility to check their results and address any issues inside the 30 min window.  
11. Hold your line.
S: All riders are required to have numbers on their bikes in 3 locations. Front Plate and both side plates. Numbers must be a legible contrast color vs the background color they sit on. (Ghosted Gray, chrome effects etc must stull be legible). If scoring can not make out your number due to inadequate contrast color you will not be scored and no changes will be done or corrected to results regardless of where you finished. 
13. Bike Switches / Different Bikes - If you have to ride a different bike than what you are signed up for. Its the riders responsibility to let scoring know immediately after your moto. Failure to let scoring know will result in not being scored and adjustment / corrections will not be made after results are posted. 

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